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One & Only Nyungwe House

Tea fields and exterior of One & Only Nyungwe House / Courtesy of One & Only Resorts

Nyungwe Forest National Park in mountainous southwest Rwanda protects an ancient rainforest that is home to chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, and other animals. One&Only Nyungwe House was built on the hills of the picturesque Gisakura Tea Estate that borders the park. The luxurious resort is surrounded by green rows of tea plants, and guests are encouraged to walk the fields, learn about production, and take part in stylish tea-tasting ceremonies. There are also hiking options for all skill levels in the park. Trails range from casual strolls through the forest to treks up mountain peaks and onto the border with Burundi. Each guest is assigned a private guide to design and lead their hikes, so everyone can go at their own pace. The guided chimpanzee trek is the highlight of this experience.

The vernacular wooden buildings that make up the resort have sharp architectural interiors accented with local Rwandan art and textiles. They are also LEED certified and the Nyungwe House has taken measures to reduce their waste stream. All of the suites and villas have large picture windows and decks to connect you with nature, making them ideal for either contemplation or cocktails.

One & Only Nyungwe House Facts & Features

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wifi, pool, laundry, gym, spa, private plunge pool


Children age 10 and up are welcome. Family suites and childcare are available. Children must be 15 or older to participate in chimpanzee trekking.

Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda
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