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Scott Dubois, Fauna Travel Designer, hiking in Snow Canyon, Utah / Wynn Myers

Best Hotels & Lodges for Hiking

Sharing our favorite places to connect with nature to inspire your travels.

Wyoming, United States 
Utah, United States 
Maasai Mara, Kenya 
Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda 
Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda 
New Mexico, United States 
Laikipia Plateau, Kenya 
Western Cape, South Africa 
Toubkal Peak / Mads Schmidt / Unsplash

Itinerary: Atlas: A Week of Outdoor Adventure in Morocco

This trip packs a lot of hiking and relaxation into one week and is ideal for parents or small groups of friends planning a travel reunion.

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Sunset near Chennek in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia / Shutterstock

Itinerary: Ethiopia: A Week Trekking in the Simien Mountains

This outdoor itinerary takes you through the rugged peaks and placid valleys of Northern Ethiopia. Highlights include walking through ancient churches and troops of gelada monkeys.

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Lowland gorilla trekking at Ngaga Camp / Courtesy of Congo Conservation Company

Itinerary: Gorilla and Elephant Trekking in the Congo Basin

This is the most exclusive and unique primate experience in Africa. Some lodges can only be reached by kayak, and gorillas may roam about the camps.

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Mount Kenya / Galkey / Wikimedia Commons

Itinerary: Mount Kenya Luxury Trek

This is possibly the most scenic high altitude hike in Africa. Plus there are fewer trekkers and more wildlife than on Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Trekking the Great Rift Valley / Courtesy of Lake Natron Camp

Itinerary: Trekking the Great Rift Valley to the Serengeti

This itinerary connects the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti regions with ancient Maasai cattle trails so that you can spend an epic week trekking from one safari to the other.

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Walking safari at Chinzombo / Courtesy of Time + Tide

Itinerary: Zambia’s Best Walking Safari

Our favorite camp to camp walking experience in Zambia. It promises to be the wildlife experience of a lifetime for the adventurous luxury traveler.

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