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Hakone, Japan / Kunal Sahu / Unsplash

June 3-6, 2024

I’ve included a few ideas about where to stay for the last few nights of your trip below. You’ll see the Hotel Indigo mentioned a couple of times because they have a good balance of price and location, and I get resort credits there. I also really like the Hoshinoya/KAI brand hotels for quality. Some of these hotels have onsen hot springs, but not all. However, there are many public onsen across Japan. Right now, the Hotel Indigo in Hakone or any of the options in Karuizawa are looking good to me.

Rates listed are for the full three nights unless otherwise noted.


Hiking and hot springs in a mountain getaway near Tokyo. Lots of museums and interesting activities. You can read my day in Hakone itinerary from the Hideaway Report here.

  • Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora: June 3-6 | $1,073 per twin room
    Twin room with private hot spring and $50 IHG rewards credit.
  • KAI Hakone: June 3-5 (full on 6th) | $1,586 shared room (last room)
    Onsen hotel. Dinner, bed and breakfast rate. Shared room with 2 twin beds and 2 tatami beds on the floor.
  • Fufu Hakone: June 3-6 | $2,652.27 per room
    This is a more luxurious option ith a private hot spring to compare.


Surfing near Tokyo with Mt. Fuji backdrop.

  • Kamakura Prince Hotel: June 3-6 | $701 per room
    Double room with sea views across from a good surfing beach.

Mt Fuji

Mountain views and hikes from Fujiyoshida, the closest town to the sacred mountain.


Ski town in Nagano area only 70 min train ride from Tokyo. Hiking and nature walks in summer. Elevation will make it cooler.

  • Hoshinoya Karuizawa: June 3-6 | $1,671 shared room (2 rooms available)
    Onsen hotel by the famed Hoshinoya luxury brand. Riverside Villa, prepaid rate with no food. Shared room with 2 twins and 2 tatami beds on the floor, but you could also spread out with 2 rooms.
  • Hotel Indigo Karuizawa: June 3-6 | $910 per twin room
    Twin room with $50 IGH perks resort credit. Good location near Hoshinoya.
  • Shishi Iwa House: June 3-6 | $1,397.40 per twin or king room
    This is a smaller boutique hotel nestled in the woods designed by prize-winning architects.

Japan Restaurant Guide


  • Memento Mori: great chocolates, fancy cocktails and desserts
  • Katsudon-ya Zuicho: local katsudon
  • T’s TanTan Tokyostation: Great vegeterian ramen in Tokyo Station
  • Ginza Kagari: upscale chicken ramen
  • Tempura Kondo: Michelin star
  • Gompachi: appeared in Kill Bill – izakaya dishes


  • Arashiyama Daizen: local sushi spot
  • Sake Bar Yoramu: Amazing sake tasting if you can go without the teens
  • Stardust: Cute bakery and shop
  • Kyo Tsuke-men Tsurukame: Good ramen near Nishiki Market
  • Ten-you: Amazing Michelin-starred Tempura. Need reservation – around $100pp.
  • Monk: Farm-to-table pizza.
  • Rokuyousha: Coffee


  • Dotonburi: District with lots of great food. Worth a stop.
  • Matsusakagyu Yakiniku
  • Okame
  • Okonomiyaki Chitose: Fried pancakes
  • Juhachi-ban: Takoyaki (battered octopus)


  • Lawson: Convenience store with good prepared food – they are much better than in the states.
  • Ichiran Ramen: Solid ramen chain restaurant
  • Izakayas: These are a style of Japanese restaurant with beer, fried food, and appetizers where you can settle in for longer to relax and have a long meal with drinks. Fun to try around the country.


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