Greek Island Options

Virtu Suites, Naxos, Greece / Courtesy of Virtu Suites

As we discussed, staying in Athens is an essential way to start this trip. There are plenty of hotel and activity options there, but I haven’t dug into that very much yet. I’ve been focused on beach resorts in the Cyclades that best match your preferences. Unless you feel like island hopping, I would suggest picking one island so that you can relax and explore it more deeply. I’ve outlined what I think are the best options below.

Trip Outline

  • Athens: September 2-4
  • Cyclades: September 4-9

Naxos | Virtu Suites

I think Virtu Suites on Naxos best matches the beach and pool vibe you described to me. It’s also within walking distance of plenty of shops and restaurants. Naxos has some of the best sandy beaches in the Cyclades, delicious food, and lots of things to do around the island. You can explore mountain villages, ruined temples, and hiking trails away from the main centers. You can either rent a car or take advantage of the island bus system to get around. The island also has a bigger airport with more frequent flights to Athens to connect with your international flight on your last day.

Milos | Artemis Seaside Resort

Milos is similar to Naxos, but it’s slightly smaller and more laid back. It is also known for good food and beaches, but the island is volcanic and the sand is somewhat rockier. The island is famous for its dramatic rocky coves that are great for swimming. Artemis Seaside Resort is the best beachfront resort here. It’s a little further from the main areas, so you would need a car to get to the dining and shopping options.

Antiparos | The Rooster

The Rooster on Antiparos is my wild card option. It doesn’t quite fit your requirements, but it might be fun to consider. Antiparos is a smaller island that has become something of a celebrity getaway. The hotel is a collection of stylish private villas, with programming oriented around wellness. The beach is a sandy-pebbly mix, that is good for swimming and attracts surfers when the swell is right.

This is from my Greece contact when I asked her about it: “Rooster is absolutely amazing and sadly a very hard property to sell. This is a gem and if your clients realize how gorgeous Antiparos is and specifically this property, they would go there in a heartbeat – but it’s probably not the beachfront they wish to have.”

Sifnos | Elies Resort

Elies Resort could be a good match if you are interested in Sifnos. It’s a small island with good beaches that is still somewhat under the radar. However, Sifnos does not have an airport, and fewer ferry connections, which means you would need to return to Athens and overnight there to connect with your international flight the following day. There is less to do on a smaller island, but there is a great network of walking trails that connects everything. It could be done in combination with Milos if you wanted to island hop.


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