A Brief Ecuadorian Expedition

May 26-31 | 5 Nights

This is an outline of what a quick Ecuador trip would look like. Based on what the hotel sent me, it would cost around $1,124 for two if we used miles.

May 26: To Quito

Depart in the morning for Houston where you will connect to an afternoon direct flight to Quito, Ecuador. It gets in around 11:30 pm, so we would stay at an airport hotel for the night.

  • The flight costs 37,500 miles or $471 per person.
  • Airport Hotel: $120
Quito Ecuador / Kiyoshi / Unsplash
Quito Ecuador / Kiyoshi / Unsplash

May 27: Colonial Quito and Chilcabama Lodge

Spend the morning expiring Colonial Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and have lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, a driver will take you 1.5 hours to Chilcabama Lodge near Cotopaxi National Park. Spend the afternoon relaxing at the lodge.

  • 4 Nights at Chilcabamaba Lodge: $120 x 4 = $480
  • Lodge Transfer: $60
  • Airport Transfer: $20

May 28: Horses in Cotopaxi

Spend the morning horseback riding in Cotopaxi National Park before returning to the lodge for lunch. The guide is Gloria, who is a chagra cowgirl. If time allows, take a short hike at a nearby waterfall.

  • 2hr Horseback riding for two: $54
  • Waterfall hike transfer: $25

May 29: Volcano Hike

Hiking Ecuador / Kiyoshi / Unsplash
Hiking Ecuador / Kiyoshi / Unsplash

Now that we are settled into the altitude, we can do a full-day hike to a nearby area like Pasachoa or Rumiñahui.

  • Volcano Hike: $170

May 30: Saquisilí Market and Departure

Indigenous Markets
Indigenous Markets

This is the last full day. Spend the morning at Saquisilí Market, one of the largest and most authentic indigenous markets in the area. People come from the surrounding mountains every Thursday to trade and sell animals. After lunch, head back towards the Quito airport for a midnight departure.

  • Market Tour: $130
  • Airport Transfer: $65

May 31: Flight

The flight lands in Houston around 5 am, and we will be back in Austin by 9 am.


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