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Our Process


If you choose our travel planning services, we want the process to be as simple and satisfying as possible. We think holistically and your travel experience and are there to help at each step along the way.

1. Initial Consultation

Let’s do a quick complimentary call to get an idea of what you want to do. We get to know you and discuss where you want to go, with whom, and when, but also: Why are you going? What do you want to feel? From this, we can start outlining an itinerary that will inspire you.

2. Crafting Your Itinerary

To prepare an itinerary we charge a minimum $250 planning fee for our time. Pricing varies for longer and more complex trips. Read more about our pricing. To start, we prepare a few draft itineraries to choose from based on your preferences. After getting your feedback we incrementally refine your trip into the ideal itinerary. We’ll do as many revisions as needed to get it right.

3. Booking Your Trip

After you have confirmed the quote for your itinerary. We take secure payments for hotels, ground transportation, and activities. Payments can be made by either credit card or wire transfer. Travel insurance is more important than ever, so we can discuss options at this point as well.

4. Getting Ready

Packing and preparation are half the fun if you do it right. We provide books, curated playlists, and destination information as an appetizer to your travels. Custom itinerary materials will also be delivered at this time.

5. En Route

We don’t forget about you once you’re on your way. We can help smooth over the unexpected bumps in the road. We also hope to have peppered your trip with surprising, delightful, and profound moments. 

6. Coming Home

Welcome back! We’d love to know how it went, so we can continue to improve our services. If you’re a happy customer we can talk about planning your next adventure. We can also publish your digital itinerary as a blog post to share with friends and family upon your return.

The Fauna Travel

We believe travel can connect people with profound moments in nature that have the power to transform. We use only the top nature-oriented hotels and lodges, combined with a background in storytelling and sustainability to create trips that can change you and possibly the world.

We also believe in giving back to the places that have given so much to us, so 10% of our profits are donated to local wildlife conservation organizations.

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We take time to truly listen to you to understand your needs and design a trip to engage all of your senses in the present moment throughout your journey.



Every good trip is a good story, and we use our editorial background to write one for you. We create itineraries that are well paced, meaningful, and surprising.

Polar Bear


Above all else, we want to give you the best trip possible. That means using providers that practice sustainability, so you can feel good about your vacation.

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You have a plethora of choices when booking an epic luxury trip, and we have the expert knowlege to make your travel dreams a reality. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Why book with Fauna Travel?

  • Less Stress: A personal travel advisor to save you time, plan your ideal vacation, and help with any issues that may arise during your trip.
  • Better Experience: We know the luxury adventure travel landscape and design creative itineraries to maximize your travel experience.
  • Travel Perks: Free upgrades, breakfasts, and special amenities at 1,200+ five-star hotels and resorts – plus complimentary books and music playlists.
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