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King Lewanika

Liuwa Plain near King Lewanika / Courtesy of Time & Tide

King Lewanika is the only permanent camp in the Liuwa Plain National Park, a vast open floodplain in Western Zambia that is home to the second-largest wildebeest migration on Earth. The camp was built in partnership with Time + Tide, the Zambian Department of Parks, and African Parks to protect the Liuwa Plain through ecotourism. It is comprised of six simple yet stylish luxury safari tents that have open views of the landscape. They all include outdoor showers and a verandah for watching the sunset on the horizon. We suggest sleeping out for a night on the plain for fantastic viewing of the Milky Way during your stay as well.

Dramatic storms can be seen over the plains in May, and the wildebeest herds begin to gather and move northward in June. The camp is closed in August and September for the rainy season, but the migration begins again in October when the wildebeest have their calves. As the plain slowly floods in January, the park becomes an excellent place for a canoe safari. No hippos or crocodiles are found in the park, which makes for carefree paddling.

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limited wifi, lounge, bar, outdoor shower,


All ages are welcome. One luxury family tent is available.

Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia
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