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Elephant in Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa / Marlin Clark / Unsplash

Looking for the ultimate
cannabis adventure?

Green Elephant Safaris designs high-end South African safaris for cannabis lovers.

With decriminalization, South Africa is becoming the world’s premier destination for an elevated food and wildlife travel experience.

We are a responsible tourism business and only promote travel that encourages sustainable development and respects local communities. This is even more important when dealing with the nascent cannabis industry to ensure its long-term viability. South Africa is the only country in Africa to legalize cannabis consumption, so we are focused on there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring cannabis products into South Africa?

No, even though cannabis has been decriminalized for personal use in South Africa, you cannot bring any products, including CBD, into the country from abroad. This is considered importing of drugs and is still highly illegal.

Can I buy cannabis products in South Africa as a foreign national?

Yes, it is legal to buy cannabis in South Africa under specific conditions. For a small fee, you can join a licensed local cannabis club to gain access to their products. These include a full spectrum offering, including bud, prerolls, vapes, and edibles. Purchasing cannabis from the street or an unlicensed establishment could result in an unlawful or even dangerous situation. We only include stops at licensed providers in our itineraries.

Can I travel with cannabis around South Africa?

Yes, you can travel with cannabis around South Africa as long as you are not smoking it openly or leaving the country.

Where can I smoke cannabis in South Africa?

It is not legal to smoke cannabis in public places in South Africa. If you are a smoker, you are restricted to outdoor areas on private property. We can arrange for hotels with private smoking areas.

Can I take cannabis on safari?

Yes, as long as you are respectful and aware of the rules. Like everywhere else, smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor areas. Be aware of where that area is at your camp because smoking will not be allowed in your room. Also, there is no smoking on game drives because it disturbs the animals and could start a fire. Edibles are more discreet and can be taken anywhere, but know your limits. There is a long history of drinking on safari, and being stoned dumb is just as bad as getting really drunk on a game drive. Also, do not get high if you are going on a walking safari. These are generally safe and hosted by expert guides, but you will need your wits about you in case of a dangerous encounter.

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