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Best Last Minute Summer Vacations to Escape the Heat

Inn at Newport Ranch / Courtesy of the Inn at Newport Ranch

By: Scott Dubois, Fauna Travel Designer

Long-range forecasts predict the high temperature in Texas will be hovering around 100 for the next month. If you are searching for relief but don’t have any summer plans, there is still hope. Europe has been overwhelmed with tourists and its share of heat this summer, so we don’t suggest booking a trip there (with one exception below). We’ve compiled our five favorite summer destinations for your last-minute escape.

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Northern Costa Rica

Four Seasons Resort at Peninsula Papagayo / Courtesy of Four Seasons
Four Seasons Resort at Peninsula Papagayo / Courtesy of Four Seasons

July and August are part of Costa Rica’s rainy season, but in the drier northern half of the country, there is a slight lull in the rains. There are still daily showers, which keep the heat from getting excessive, and they are usually isolated to the afternoon. That gives you time to venture out in the morning and then relax at the hotel in the afternoon. Plus, the flight to Liberia Airport is less than four hours from Texas and only five and a half from New York. Booking late always means less choice. However, there is a large selection of hotels in the area to ensure a great last-minute escape.

The California Coast

Surfers at Venice Beach, California / David Gavi / Unsplash
Surfers at Venice Beach, California / David Gavi / Unsplash

Despite recent trends toward drought and wildfire, California has had a relatively cool and wet year. We just returned from Los Angeles, where the high was around 70 for the entire trip! We would focus your trip on the southern coast and visit beaches and gardens from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara or start in San Francisco and drive through Marin County to Mendocino and The Inn at Newport Ranch (pictured above).

South Africa & Zambia

Chongwe Camp / Courtesy of Time + Tide
Chongwe Camp / Courtesy of Time + Tide

The Southern Hemisphere is currently in winter, so temperatures are mild in Southern Africa. June through September is generally the high season for safaris, and booking a safari over a year in advance is standard. Still, there are plenty of great camps in South Africa, and less touristed countries like Zambia will still have last-minute availability. Mornings are often cool enough that safari operators pack blankets and hot water bottles on game drives.

Vancouver Island

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort / Jeremy Koreski / Courtesy of Nimmo Bay

Canada’s Pacific Coast is another accessible destination with mild summer temperatures. We suggest flying directly to Vancouver for a few nights before moving to a wilderness lodge on nearby Vancouver Island. Here you can relax in a luxurious cabin by the water and encounter animals like orcas and bears. This is a great option if you want a simple relaxing itinerary and have the budget for a great hotel.

Europe! Menorca & Madiera

Madiera, Portugal / Unsplash

If you can’t get Europe out of your mind, there is still a way to get there hassle-free. Pick a European island that you can get a direct flight to from the East Coast of the United States. Menorca, Spain and Madiera, Portugal are two of the best options, and there is still availability at our favorite luxury hotels. Menorca is the quintessential laid-back Mediterranean island, while Madiera is more dramatic, rocky, and great for hiking. We suggest staying in one place and using that as a base to explore the island.

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